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February 13, 2011
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Title: Moments
Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar
Characters: Titular Penguins, Hans the Puffin, Marlene Amarillo Kidd, mentions of Manfredi and Johnson, Jiggles
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'll give them back clean and de-humanized when I'm done, mm-kay?
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: AU, Humanized, slightly strong language, dark in spots, violence, threats, slashy points, I don't know how Roulette works... other stuff, Marlene makes fun of how Private talks, blah blah blah


21 Croissant

"Drop the croissant and you don't get hurt." Behind his glasses, Kowalski's eye twitched a little. Hans  Søpapegøjer showing up in the middle of breakfast to steal his food was not something to be tolerated. He kept the gun's sights leveled on Søpapegøjer's torso and plucked the helpless pastry from the offending Dane's hand. "Don't steal my food. Steal somebody else's."

22 Gnome

Kowalski glared at the gnome. The gnome just stared back with its enigmatic facial expression. Skipper looked between the two. "Kowalski, leave the gnome alone, it didn't do anything."

"Not yet, Skipper, not yet it hasn't. Gnomes are evil."

23 Scenario

"Describe the scenario for me, Marlene," Private said. Marlene just laughed. "What? What's so funny?"

In between fits of laughter, Marlene replied, "You! You said sen-AR-io. It's sen-air-Io. That's so funny." Private was not amused.

24 Leg pain

Kowalski didn't realize that what he thought was simply a pulled muscle in his leg was something torn. He had moved wrong and landed on his side, right leg in an unholy amount of pain. It kept him out of several missions, including the one where Manfredi and Johnson were killed and Skipper was traumatized for life.

As far as Kowalski was concerned, it was all his fault.

25 Roulette

"Anybody else wanting to bet? No? Well then...," Private said, spinning the roulette wheel. "Black 17. It's yours, sir." He pushed the stack of betting chips towards the young man wearing a cowboy hat.

"Thank ye kindly, Mr. Tux," the young man said, lifting up the brim of his hat.

Private narrowed his eyes. "Amarillo Kidd. I wondered if I'd see you here." Inwardly, Private was slightly worried that the Texan would blow his cover, but Kidd only winked.

"If possible, I'd like to talk to you after your shift," Kidd stated. Private nodded. The look in Kidd's eyes had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

26 Cube

Jiggles bobbled back and forth, waiting for his supper. Kowalski was a good master – he always fed Jiggles on time.

27 Execute

Hans  Søpapegøjer sat in the back corner of his cell. Only hours previously had the criminal underworld learned of his stance as a deep cover agent. By this point, he figured, his captors would be torn between simply executing him and torturing him before they killed him. Hearing a noise, Hans looked up, trying to pinpoint the location from which the sound came. Upon realizing just where the sound was coming from, he stiffly stood up and jerkily moved from his corner to the one opposite it.

"It's about time," he said, smiling faintly at his rescuers.

Skipper just smirked and pulled an unsteady Hans through the escape tunnel.

28 Asylum

All of them understood. It was only temporary. Søpapegøjer would have to go into hiding if only to live. It was only until his wounds were healed. Two days after a physician declared him fit to move about again, he disappeared.

29 Uniform

Skipper and Kowalski stood back to back, surrounded by enemies. All of them were wearing the same dull uniform. And they all had the same eerily blank eyes.

30 Tool

Neither of them would believe it if they hadn't seen it for their very own. The scarred kid had pulled a crowbar out of his mouth, a place where a tool that large shouldn't be able to fit. And Skipper saw the terrified insanity in his eyes when he turned towards them – it wasn't right. He couldn't have been more than twenty.

Skipper motioned towards the kid and Kowalski instantly understood. They were getting him out of there.
Third set of ten prompts I used in this writing.
*cough* Well. This is embarrassing, isn't it? Yeah, I know. Human!Penguins of Madagascar. I can't get enough, I s'pose. Additional Note: Their group is the “Penguins” and part of an organization run by the UN. They can still get banned from countries though. *coughDenmarkcough*

Asylum is a continuation of Execute and Tool follows Uniform.

This one also contains slight slash. Yup. Sorry if that doesn't float your boat, but I don't particularly care. Don't come crying to me, because I did warn you.
Besides, it's only really visible if you cross your eyes and squint.

Previous 10: [link]
Next 10: [link]

Penguins of Madagascar (C) Nick/the guy who owns them
Ficlets (C) me
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HMemma548 Jun 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I manage to comment on your fanfic page but I have to comment on Gnome.....LOVE IT!! Kowalski made me LOL that the fact is he believes gnomes so evil. You wouldn't expect a normal scientist to believe that :XD:
Gnomes being evil dates back to my junior after-after prom at about 5:30-6ish in the morning. I was at a friend's house and she had a gnome in her living room and I swear it was watching me.
And normally a scientist wouldn't. But Kowalski's not exactly normal, now is he?
HMemma548 Jun 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
lol no he's not.
So very, very true.
I love that your Rico actually has the random destructive things swallowed as a human. Mine just has them hidden in his clothes and such. He tends to pull them out and every is like "WTF?!?! Where did that come from!?!!?"
Thank you. Your comment made me laugh. I figured crazier things have happened, so why the hell not? Let him still be able to swallow dangerous crap and be uninjured. I guess it kind of makes up for him having to fight brainwashed Kowalski in the last set.
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