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June 2, 2011
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Title: Moments
Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar
Characters: Penguin Team, Hans, Mentions Uncle Nigel, Arlene (Marlene. Spoiler: in the show (an unaired episode) Marlene's fur gets bleached after getting dumped in chlorinated H2O. Apparently Skipper likes her since she acts different as well.)
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'll give them back clean and de-humanized when I'm done, mm-kay?
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: AU, Humanized, some strong language, dark in spots, violence, threats, potential slash,
Author's note: Holy crap! I made it to 100!

91 Faith

Italy was beautiful, but Nick couldn't afford to dally. Uncle Nigel was counting on him to bring back whatever was in this pack and it was important. He could hear people running down on the streets below, but the noise was dying down once the alarm bells stopped tolling.

Nick reached the edge of the rooftops and skidded to a stop. There was no one around in this part of the town, so he took a deep breath and leapt, trusting that nothing would happen. He twisted and landed on his back in a hay bale, a rare occurrence. Nick laughed hysterically, startling several birds.

One more successful Leap of Faith. It made the young man feel amazing.

92 Demise (Continuation of Vein and Situating from the second set of ten.)

It pained Rico to be fighting Kowalski, even if the scientist was brainwashed and crazy. It was the hurt and tears in Kowalski's eyes that caused Rico to throw a knockout punch and catch him as he crumpled,  pulling him close.

The utter hate in Rico's eyes informed Blowhole of his impending demise. The rusted, dented crowbar only sealed the deal.

93 Hiss

Looking up, Skipper saw something out of the ordinary – Hans was standing in the doorway to his office, not staring at anything in particular. Knowing the rest of the team was out of the house and he wouldn't likely have this chance again, Skipper asked, "Hey, you okay?"

The resulting hiss wasn't what he expected at all. "Do I look like I'm okay?"

"Don't yell at me," Skipper replied, pushing his chair out and standing. Something was wrong with Hans. "Look, talk to me, will you?"

"Why should I?"

Hans' question honestly threw Skipper for a loop for a moment until he stated, "I'm worried is all."

"I'm fine." But Hans' movements betrayed his agitation. He was upset about something, and his obvious avoidance of Skipper's eyes only reinforced it.

"...Liar." When Hans flinched, Skipper knew it was coming to a close. He'd spill.

"Don't." Finally Hans met Skipper's eyes, and the pain in them told Skipper everything. He'd lost someone important, and this was likely the anniversary.

Smiling softly, Skipper said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry." A simple sentence and gentle wiping away of a spilled tear opened the floodgates, and Hans clapped a hand over his face and the other over his stomach, tears spilling and hiccuping sobs leaving him. Skipper slid over and pulled him in close, wrapping Hans in his arms. "Shh, shh, it's okay. Cry it out. Don't worry, it's alright."

It wouldn't be until much later that Skipper found out that it had been ten years since Hans' first Interpol partner had died and he'd been assigned to deep-cover.

94 Time (In line with Pain)

In all honesty, Hans blamed himself for not making it in time. The guilt was what was keeping him awake at nights, and he could hear Private's nightmares as the boy was trying to sleep. He blamed  himself for being unable to save an old enemy – no, he was no longer an enemy, but a friend – from dieing and having to mercy kill him mere feet from his only teammate left. Hans figured that it was a good thing that the boy was unconscious for that.

The small photo of himself along with Private's former team on the mantle only served to remind Hans of the good times gone.

95 Foxier

"In all honesty Skipper, wear these shoes instead," Kowalski said, handing the team leader a pair of heels. Private nodded enthusiastically and Skipper figured out who had handed the five-inch stilettos to the scientist. "Trust us in this, Skipper. They make it..."


Rico's raspy voice startled the three others but Kowalski only smiled and said, "Thank you. That's exactly what I was looking for. Besides, they compliment you better than those kitten heels you wanted to wear."

Skipper promptly decided they had mutinied.

96 Distract (Hans/Skipper implications)

The day, Hans decided, was looking up. He was spending it with Skipper, who wasn't quite as rejecting of him as usual, and the warmth of the day was distracting. When the scientist in Skipper's team had stolen Skipper's phone and called him, he had mentioned something about a surprise party for Skipper's birthday and had asked him to take Skipper and keep him away from their home for a few hours.

Ducking into an alley, he pulled on Skipper's hand and decided that it was a perfect time to distract him from anything too worrying.

97 Naïve (Well after Time and Pain)

They were in New York. NYC to be exact. Private bit his lip as he strode down the familiar streets towards the home he had spent several years in with men who had become his family. Behind him trailed Hans Søpapegøjer, the man who had saved him and let him know what happened. He had taken Private in, much to the Brit's surprise.

It had been a little over a year since the rest of the team had died.

Stepping through the doorway, Private looked around. So much was the same but they were all gone. Private wasn't even in the US anymore, having spent most of the last year in Denmark. He stopped walking at a picture that Marlene had taken of the four of them. Biting his knuckle, Private plucked the frame from the wall.

"Was I really that naïve to think that we'd always be a team?" he asked quietly.

"No. It's a common thought." Hans' soft voice startled Private, who whirled around and bumped into the Dane. "I thought so too, until my partner was killed on a mission that went bad. He was the more experienced of the two of us, so I thought he'd be around for a long time. I was wrong."

"So, I... I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about that, should I?" Hans only smiled sadly and patted Private's head.

98 Take

"Hey guys, look at me!" Marlene said before taking a picture of the four with her camera. Skipper ended up putting a copy of it up on a wall in the front hall.

99 Competition

Yelling over his shoulder, Kowalski answered the door. Standing in front of him was a shy looking Arlene. Sighing, he allowed her to come inside. "Before you and Skipper go out on your date, I think you should know that I see right through you Marlene." She froze, not expecting that.

"How could you tell?" she whispered.

Smirking, Kowalski continued, "You forgot to let me know you were 'leaving.' You always let me know so I or Private can water your plants. You wouldn't just have some stranger waltz in without telling one of us, especially one who says she's your sister and calls you Marley. I know how much you hate being called Marley." Marlene sat lightly on the couch. "Now, I've something to tell you. Most of the reason Skipper's so interested in you right now is because he thinks you're new. Thing is, this time within the next couple of days you're going to have competition. An old friend of his is coming to town."

Marlene narrowed her eyes. "Who?"

Kowalski's smile was positively predatory. "I think you know." Marlene's scowl only made him happy. "Good luck. You'll need it."

100 Bishop

As far as Private can figure out, the chessboard set up on the coffee table isn't actually there for chess, so to speak. He's slowly come to realize that it's actually for communication, but damn if he can figure it out. There's something going on with the black knight and the white bishop but he can't decipher it. But he knows he's got to, so he can figure out where he fits in on the chessboard.
Tenth Set of Ten

Demise is after Situating and Vein from Moments 11-20
Naive is after Time is after Pain from Moments 81-90

Holy Crap is right. I can't believe I made it to 100.
So Notes
91: I've been reading too many Assassin's Creed fan fictions. It may be the whole reason behind this one. That and needing to mention Uncle Nigel. Nick is younger!Private.
92: Remember that Kico I colored from ~Shinju90's sketch dump? Yeah, this is the vignette for that.
93: I don't think I published the poem I wrote that inspired this whole thing. A large part of their dialog was taken from it and the whole idea around it was as well. Also, I thought Hans needed backstory.
94: I can't write Skipper dieing. I really don't think I can do it. Thus, this was formed.
95: The only real reason? So Kowalski could say "kitten heels" and Rico could say "Foxier." Mood whiplash indeed.
96: Believe it or not, this was Skipper!Muse's fault. I blame him for this.
97: This inspired the vignette. Still can't write Skipper's death.
98: The photo previously mentioned. SO I suppose that the whole "Team dies" arc is now officially in the Moments!Verse, only several years from the general timeline.
99: I heard about one of the unaired episodes. In it, (Spoilers) Marlene fell into some chlorinated H2O and bleached her fur. Apparently, Skipper is attracted. (unspoiler) So, my response? Kowalski sees through it and calls her on it. And her competition is Hans, who else?
100: First - I can't believe I made it this far. I love you guys for the encouragement to write all of these. They've take up at least 20-something pages and a couple hundred Kb of memory - quite a bit more than usual. Second - I have no idea who is talking through the chessboard. Probably Skipper and Kowalski since I won't let them talk normal.

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Characters: Nick/Dreamworks
Stories: Me
Abecedye Jun 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow owo My Private inspired you for this?? Wow, I feel I'm important xD Now serious, really this means a lot for me, friend!
Yeah, I had the general idea, but your pic just made it all click.
You are very welcome.
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