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February 7, 2011
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Title: Moments
Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar
Characters: Titular Penguins, Hans the Puffin, Dr. Blowhole, Marlene, Phil, Mason, Julien, (two mentioning Manfredi and Johnson(Shutup)), Amarillo Kidd
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'll give them back clean and de-humanized when I'm done, mm-kay?
Rating: T/PG-13


1 Debug

"Blasted Søpapegøjer. He just had to bug everything, didn't he? Kowalski. Status report," Skipper said as he sipped at his coffee.

"Other than being completely baffled by the fact that you can pronounce that, I've nearly finished debugging everything," Kowalski stated as he ticked off the second to last box. "Oh dear."


"The only room left to debug... is Private's."


2 Mercy

Hysterical laughter filled the main room of their HQ. "S-stop! Stop, mercy, mercy!"

"Rico, be nice to the kid," Skipper said, interrupting the fun. Rico dropped the foot he was tickling, and Private started to breathe.


"Thank you Skippah."

3 Heterosexual

Kowalski basically considered himself straight. For the most part. Of course, he never really tested that. So when Rico, freaked out by the fact that Private and Skipper were still in the hospital due to injuries, wordlessly asked if he could spend the night in his room, Kowalski said yes.

4 Sick

Private rarely got sick. So rarely that Rico, being his big brother figure, could only remember about half a dozen times that he was actually sick. One of those times was due to food poisoning, so Rico's pretty sure that didn't count. Of course, another time he had to be hospitalized because he was so sick. And Rico's certain that cancels out the food poisoning time.

5 Alternate

Rico clicked his tongue against one of his molars and gave a short, harsh laugh. An alternate reality where he didn't have that blasted dog attack him, making his family move to the middle of nowhere and he could actually talk.

Kowalski had some pretty cracked up theories, that was for sure.

6 Discarding

Kowalski casually discarded an Eight of Hearts. Two hands immediately dove for the pile, their respective owners both claiming "Rummy!" One was raspy, yet excited – the other, fierce. "What did I just do?" Kowalski asked Skipper.

"You just caused the end of the game. Those two are going to have a ninja battle over the right for the trio of eights you just laid!" Skipper avidly watched the resulting war and Rico claimed the pile and somehow managed to go out the next round.

7 Deficiency

Due to a caffeine deficiency, Kowalski is very scary before his fourth cup of coffee. He's also a very deadly shot.

8 Pitfall

"Did he just...?"

"I'm afraid so, Private."

"But..K'walski, Rico doesn't just walk into pitfalls like that. He's not blind like you are."

9 Sun

All four of them liked sitting in the sun. Just not when Julien was around.

10 Kingdom

Julien was strange – he considered the four part of his "kingdom." Phil and Mason said it was because he was insane, but that could be coincidence. Right?
First ten prompts I used in this writing.
*cough* Well. This is embarrassing, isn't it? Yeah, I know. Human!Penguins of Madagascar. I can't get enough, I s'pose. Additional Note: Their group is the “Penguins” and part of an organization run by the UN. They can still get banned from countries though. *coughDenmarkcough*

Next 10: [link]

Penguins of Madagascar (C) Nick/ the guy who owns them
Ficlets (C) me
*wild applause*

*runs off to read the others*
Thank you! I'm glad you like.
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